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Ainhoa Riquelme Aguado, Speaker at Materials Science Conferences
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Title : Hardening of light aluminum-silicon alloys by additive manufacturing.


A method to reinforced Al12Si alloys have been developed in this research by the in situ formation of nanoprecipitates in the aluminum alloy during an additive manufacturing process. Additive manufacturing has revolutionized the engineering industry. Researchers have investigated various techniques for increasing the reliability of the metal Additive Manufacturing processes. However, there are few studies about Additive Manufacturing of aluminum alloys, and the different alloys used are limited. Al12Si powder was deposited through a laser beam using N2 as carrying and reactive gas using Direct Laser Deposition equipment. This powder has been melted and directly deposited layer by layer to form an additive structure. 25 samples were fabricated using different processing parameters (the laser power, the scanning speed and the height increase per layer have been variated. It can be observed that the different laser parameters affects on the geometry, microstructure and properties of the fabricated structures. In addition, other samples have been fabricated using argon as carrying gas in order to not synthetize the nanoparticles on the aluminum structures. The microstructure and the mechanical properties of all the fabricated samples have been analyzed and the results shows that the Al12Si samples manufactured with N2 have higher microhardness than the equivalent ones with argon due to the reaction between the nitrogen and aluminum, which forms AlN nanoparticles. Hardening samples show hardness values that are up to 27% higher than the others. This value was achieved for the lowest scanning speeds because the lower solidification speeds results in a higher reactivity between Al and nitrogen.


Dr. Ainhoa Riquelme Aguado, is phD in Materials Science and Engineering from Rey Juan Carlos University.Her line of research is focused on the development of new light metals alloys and metal matrix composites manufactured by laser technologies, specially is focused on additive manufacturing, paying close attention to the effect of the fabrication process parameters on the macrostructure, microstructure, and properties of the manufactured components. She published 15 publications in JCR journals, 7 of them in Q1 journals and 8 in Q2 journals, being the first author in 12 of these ones. She has participated with more than 20 different contributions to national and international scientific conferences.