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Minal Jain, Speaker at Materials Science Conferences
Minal Jain
Polaris Raumflugzeuge GmbH, Germany


Miss. Minal Jain studied Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering at the SRM University, Chennai (India) and graduated as Bachelors of Technology in 2019. She has worked on combustion kinetics of wax-based propellants and published 2 papers on the topic. She has also worked on Geopolymer-based natural fibers composite materials and published 1 paper on the topic. She then joined University of Bremen, Bremen (Germany) in 2020 and completed her MS in Space Engineering in 2022. While she was studying in University of Bremen, she also started working in Polaris Raumflugzeuge GmbH in July 2021 as a Systems Design Engineer. She was involved in designing and manufacturing of composite materials for the flight demonstrators. She continues to work in Polaris, focusing on structure design and analysis as well as composite manufacturing and assembly of sub-orbital re-usable hypersonic spaceplanes.