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Anis Rahman, Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering Conference
Anis Rahman
Applied Research & Photonics, Inc, United States


Dr. Anis Rahman is an acclaimed scientist in the field of semiconductors and nanotechnology. Known for the “Rahman-Tomalia” effect, he won scientific awards including NASA Nanotech Brief’s “Nano-50” award twice; CLEO/Laser Focus World’s “Innovation award.” Anis founded Applied Research & Photonics (ARP), a leading Terahertz (T-ray) company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, serving the semiconductor and nanotechnology industry among others. Dr. Rahman invented the “Dendrimer Dipole Excitation,” a new mechanism for high power, continuous wave T-ray generation. ARP has created several new scientific instruments including a cameraless lattice resolution volume imaging technology that can see and analyze below the surface of semiconductors and nanomaterials. Anis is a recognized scientific leader and member of scientific organizations including the American Chemical Society (ACS) and senior life member of The Optica.