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Materials 2020
Dave White
Climate Change Truth Inc, USA

Title: Discovery: Reduction in photosynthesis correlation to carbon dioxide increase

Materials 2020
Qingcheng Mao
University of Washington, USA

Title: Key drug disposition genes and hepatic metabolic pathways are altered in germ-free mice during pregnancy

Materials 2020
Rakkiyappan Chandran
Supreme Corporation, USA

Title: Bio-mimetic Multimodal Nanostructured Surfaces Fabricated with Self-Assembling Biopolymer and its Applications

Materials 2020
Simone Carradori
“G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy

Title: New chemical scaffolds as carbon monoxide releasing molecules (CORMs) for the management of inflammation

Materials 2020
Vakhtang Barbakadze
Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia

Title: Novel Acidic Polysaccharide: Poly[3-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)Glyceric Acid Ether] from Medicinal Plants of Boraginaceae Family, its Synthetic Analogues and their Anticancer Efficacy

Materials 2020
Irmina Wojciechowska
Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Title: Synthesis of vinylbenzyl bromide/divinylbenzene copolymer by post-polymerization functionalisation

Materials 2020
Henadzi Filipenka
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University, Belarus

Title: Nature of chemical elements

Materials 2020
Vasily Lutsyk
Institute of Physical Materials Science SB RAS, Russian Federation

Title: Computer 3D & 4D models of T-x-y & T-x-y-z diagrams of the Ternary & Quaternary Systems as a Novel Tool in Chemistry & Materials Science

Materials 2020
Lydia Bondareva
Federal Scientific Center, Russian Federation

Title: The hyperaccumulating and remediating potential of some plant species  

Materials 2020
Vera Isaeva
Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation

Title: The role of the morphology and dispersion of catalysts based on metal nanoparticles and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) in some practically important reactions

Materials 2020
Giovanna Rossi Marquez
Jose Mario Molina Pasquel y Henríquez Technological Institute, Mexico

Title: Whey protein sodium alginate complexes to make edible films

Materials 2020
Afshin Abrishamkar
PSL Research University, France

Title: How can microfluidics help material scientists in the field of Advance Materials?

Materials 2020
Ichiro Imae
Hiroshima University, Japan

Title: Donor-acceptor-type polymers having oligothiophenes with well-defined structures

Materials 2020
Radu Albulescu
National Institute for Chemical Pharmaceutical R&D, Romania

Title: Biocompatibility evaluation of biomedical materials

Materials 2020
Catalin Bogdan Coroleuca
University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

Title: The use of indocyanine green in the detection of sentinel lymph node in gynaecological cancers and endometriosis

Materials 2020
Juan Daniel Diaz Santibanez
Universidad de Concepcion, Chile

Title: Synthesis and Characterization of POMs with Keggin-type Structure of [PVXMo12-XO40](3+x)-; X= 1, 2: Effect of the Calcination Temperature on Structure and Texture Properties

Materials 2020
Tharwat M EL Sakran
American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Title: An exploration of textual similarities and differences between two genres: The engineering research article (RA) and its subsequent poster

Materials 2020
Nezihe Ayas
Eski?ehir Technical University, Turkey

Title: Characterization, activity, stability of Ni/CeO2-ZrO2 catalyst via bioethanol steam reforming for H2 production

Materials 2020
Yacine Kouhlane
University Badji Mokhta, Algeria

Title: Post effect of RTP processing on as-cut c-Si silicon wafers

Materials 2020
Yasmina khane
University of Ghardaia, Algeria

Title: Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using olive leaves Extract and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity

Materials 2020
Salima Bouteraa
University of Sciences and Technology of Oran, Algeria

Title: Mixed metal oxide derived from Lanthanum-containing Zn-Fe-CO3 Layered double hydroxides: Promoting visible light photocatalytic activity

Materials 2020
Seongwoo Woo
Addis Ababa Science & Technology University, Ethiopia

Title: Reliability Design of Mechanical Systems Subject to Repetitive Stresses

Materials 2020
Raghda El Nagar
Researcher in Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Eygpt

Title: Application of green asymmetric dicationic ionic liquids for oil spill remediation in sea water

Materials 2020
Kuriya M. Lokanatha Rai
University of Mysore, India

Title: Synthetic and analytical applications of chloramine-T

Materials 2020
Bhupendra G. Prajapati
Shree S.K.Patel College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, India

Title: Recent Developments on Solid Lipid Nanoparicles in Targeted Drug Delivery

Materials 2020
E. Chinnaraja
Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute, India

Title: Metallohelicates: A Potential Catalyst for Asymmetric Synthesis

Materials 2020
Umair Ahmad Riyazuddin
J.I.I.U’S Ali-Allana College of Pharmacy, India

Title: Public Responsibilities In Prevention And Control Of Covid-19

Materials 2020
Ashwin Singh Chouhan
Jai Narain Vyas University, India

Title: Role Of Pharmacist In Health Care System

Materials 2020
Sarita Yadav
DDU Gorakhpur University, India

Title: Derhamnosylation of orange peel naringin by  α-L- rhamnosiadase  from Aspergillus oryzee NAIMCC-F-02469

Materials 2020
Shweta Gupta
Ideal College of Pharmacy & Research, India

Title: Recent advances in lipidic formulations for bioavailability enhancement

Materials 2020
Sumathi Jones
Professor and Head, Asan Memorial Dental College and Hospital, India

Title: Novel Nanonutraceutical formulations and its role in health as biomedicine

Materials 2020
Yogeshwar R Suryawanshi
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, India

Title: Hydrogenation of Dibenzo-18-crown-6 ether using γ-Al2O3 supported Ru-Pd and Ru-Ni bimetallic nanoalloy catalysts

Materials 2020
Abhishek Chaudhary
Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT), India

Title: Facile green synthesis of silver nanoparticles from kitchen onion waste (Allium cepa) and quercetin: Evaluation of their antimicrobial activity and antioxidant potential

Materials 2020
Ratnakar Ravindra Chitte
SPTMC, Vanita Vishram, India

Title: Microbial enzymes and their potential impact on human life

Materials 2020
Banchhanidhi Prusti
BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, India

Title: Flexibility-Driven polymorphic solid-state emitters: A variation in the multi-stimuli responsive behavior for Anthracenyl π- conjugates

Materials 2020
Saad Saeed
NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan

Title: Thermal performance analysis of sugarcane bagasse pretreated by ionic liquids

Materials 2020
Aliyah Alsharif
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Title: Gas-phase dehydroisomerization of alpha-pinene to para-cymene catalyzed by metal oxides

Materials 2020
Anu Hardenia
Suresh Gyan Vihar University, India

Title: Application of Design of Experiments (DOE) Principles in Formulation of Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Materials 2020
Ang yang Yu
Chinese Forestry University, China

Title: Dissipative particle dynamics study of the surface diffusion dynamics of Polymer Chain