Guilherme Ascensao, Speaker at Materials Science Conferences
Guilherme Ascensao
University of Aveiro, Portugal


Dr. Ascensão is a civil engineer specialized in sustainable building materials. Ph.D. in Material Eng., KU Leuven, and Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Eng., U. Padova, 2020. Researcher at RISCO- Research Center for Risks and Sustainability in Construction, U. Aveiro, since 2022. Researcher at Cecolab: Co-Lab Towards Circular Economy, 2021. Research Scientist at the Heidelberg Cement, 2016 to 2020. Research fellow at CICECO: Center for Ceramics and Composites, 2014 to 2016. Dr. Ascensão is the author/co-author of over 25+ scientific publications, over half of them in SCI journals, with 650+ citations on: concrete, mortars, screeds, ceramics, and alkali activated materials.