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T S Murugesh, Speaker at Materials Science Conferences
Associate Professor. Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Government College of Engineering Srirangam,, India
Title : Design of a wearable for suppression of hand tremors


Across the globe, it is estimated that millions of people are affected by several forms of degenerative neurological disorders; many of them being incurable. Parkinson's disease is one such progressive neurological disorder that incurs tremors, slowness of movement, gait and balance issues allied with speech/sensory instabilities, sleep issues, decline in cognitive skills as well as psychological issues. The majority of this will straightaway strike a telling impact on the day-to-day activities of the individuals concerned resulting in increased dependence, possibly leading to social isolation. Symptoms start gradually, sometimes starting with a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand. While there is much research going on into finding an effective treatment for them, lack of viable solutions to immediately improve their lives, make their day-to-day activities possible and be self-reliant aren’t readily available. This lecture outlines the methodology of building a viable and versatile wearable globe for suppression and nullification of hand tremors. The proposed wearable makes use of electroactive polymers, cutting edge AI technology along with cloud connectivity that offers real time feed and analysis. An algorithm predicts the trend in the vibrations while identifying patterns in tremors for further optimization thereby envisaging the tremor before it actually happens. The proposed wearable simulates the tremors, counteracts and reduces the vibrations. The proposed solution aims to improve the quality of life for the end users especially the people concerned and to create a positive impact in their lives.
What will audience learn from your presentation?
? The audience/other faculty in their job can use the lecture to expand their research or avenues of teaching. The audience can understand the impacts as well as the related methodology explained in the lecture with ease.
? The lecture indeed provides a practical solution to the common degenerative neurological disorder faced by the concerned people all across the globe.
? This proposed solution will not cause any side effects for the users and over a period of time, prediction can be made related to the occurrences when the tremor would get high.
? The proposed methodology develops innovative devices for the healthcare monitoring while ensuring immediate treatment, as well aids in patient health improvement.
? The proposed methodology could simplify or make a designer’s job definitely more efficient.
? The notion has been to showcase how the simple and frugal design can improve the lives of almost all the elders to manage their disorder irrespective of their socioeconomic status.
? Moreover, the viability of transforming this prototype into a potential, lucrative and affordable commercial product in healthcare solution is the means by which we mark our earnest attempt to pay homage to all our elderly mentors.
? It aids to improve the design accuracy, while also providing new information to assist in a design problem.


Dr.T.S.Murugesh possesses a vast experience of 22+ years in academia in Analog and Digital Electronics, Automation and Control, IoT, System design, Instrumentation and Computational Bio-engineering fields. He has delivered many invited lectures, has around three-dozen peer-reviewed indexed publications, organized a one-week AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy sponsored FDP, conducted few workshops at national level, reviewer in IEEE and few other peer-reviewed journals, etc. He has acted as a Primary Evaluator for Government of India’s Smart India Hackathon 2022 as well as Toycathon 2021 and also as a Judge in the Grand Finale for the “Toycathon 2021”. He is a hackathon enthusiast and his team has won the second Prize in the IFG x TA Hub Hackathon 2022. He has authored 2 books for CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group (UK) and authoring a book for Nova Science Publishers, USA. He also holds the professional body membership of Institution of Engineers (India).