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Payal Bhardwaj, Speaker at Materials Conference
University of Mysore, India
Title : Electrical Impedance Analyzer: Recent technique for biomaterial characterization


The development of new biomaterials and their understanding and characterization in terms of greater quality is an important area of concern and also new methods and tools to characterize biomaterials that are cost effective, have always been on researchers focus. Application of appropriate, inexpensive, easy to handle characterization tools will not only save time to evaluate different biomaterials, it can also make contribution to the manufacture of biomedical devices. Electrical impedance analyzer is one such tool, which can provide detailed information on the biomaterial like the microarchitecture of the material, thereby helpful in characterizing biomaterials. The technique is non-invasive and the measurements are based on voltage and current excitation which are technically not difficult, thus making this technique quite inexpensive.

To evaluate the potentiality of electrical impedance analyzer in providing information of the structure of material, a comprehensive study of correlation between the structural properties of hydroxyapatite crystal with varying crystallite size and dielectric parameters has been carried out. The effect of variation in the crystallite size of hydroxyapatite crystal and dielectric parameters has been established.


Dr Payal Bhardwaj has completed her PhD from the Department of Biophysics, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India. Currently, she is working as a Women Scientist/Department of Science and Technology in University of Mysore, Department of Materials Science, Mysore, Karnataka. She has almost twelve years of research and over five years of experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate students at the department of Biophysics.