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Uroosa Ejaz, Speaker at Materials Science Conferences
Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, Pakistan
Title : Evaluate the mechanical, hardness and morphological characterization of acacia caesia bark fibers (ACBFs) reinforced composites


Due to their high strength and modulus, fiber-reinforced composite materials have been utilised for a long time in a variety of applications, including domestic and industrial uses. Synthetic and natural matrix materials can be used to create these fibre composites for use in reinforced plastics. Utilizing this abundant natural fibre found in the Western Ghats of southern India, particularly in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the use of Acacia Caesia Bark Fibers (ACBFs) in different weight percents (10%, 15%, and 20%) was investigated. In addition to being durable and light, natural Fibers are also inexpensive. This study describes the fabrication and characterization of natural fiber-based polymer composites using Acacia Caesia bark fibre as reinforcement in addition to epoxy resin as the matrix material. Mechanical performance of composites is determined by analysing their mechanical properties. A series of experiments were conducted to determine the significance of various fibre weight fractions on the mechanical behaviour and hardness of these epoxy matrices reinforced with ACB fibre. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to investigate the fractured surface morphology to conclude this work.

Keywords: Acacia Caesia, Bark fiber, Epoxy, Composite, Mechanical characteristics, Hardness, Scanning electron microscopy


Uroosa Ejaz is a highly motivated researcher with a MPhil in Microbiology and over 06 years of research experience. She has published 18 research articles in well reputed International Journals and also wrote 05 book chapters sponsored by Springer and Elsevier. She has work experience from Agha Khan University and Hospital, Patel Hospital, Bahria University and University of Karachi. She also worked as a research assistant in HEC funded NRPU project. Currently, she is serving as a Lecturer at SZABIST and she is also a PhD scholar in University of Karachi, Pakistan.