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Yarub Al Douri, Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering Events
American University of Iraq, Iraq
Title : Structural and magnetic properties of new half metallic ferromagnetism


First-principles calculations of structural, elastic, electronic and magnetic properties of full-Heusler Ir2HfB, Ir2HfAl and Ir2HfGa have been realized by full-potential linearized augmented plane wave (FP-LAPW) method implemented inWIEN2K code. The Perdew–Burke–Ernzerh of generalized gradient approximation (PBE-GGA) carried out the computation of different parameters to describe elastic and structural properties. The calculation of structural properties revealed that the three alloys are stable in cubic AlCu2Mn-type structure in ferromagnetic state. The elastic constants calculation shows the three alloys satisfy the stability criteria. Indeed, the calculated spin-polarized electronic band structure and density of states usinggeneralized gradient approximation (GGA) show that Ir2HfZ (Z = B, Al, Ga) alloys have a metallic character. The influence of strong electronic correlation has been considered in GGA+Uand mBJ-GGA+U approximations that allows for improving the width of the band gap. The calculations carried out with GGA+U and mBJ-GGA+U show that Ir2HfAl and Ir2HfGa have a half-metallic behavior; however, Ir2HfB has a near half-metallic character. The calculated magnetic moments of Ir2HfB, Ir2HfAl and Ir2HfGa in a regular cubic structure with GGA+U and mBJ-GGA+U equal 1mB. With mBJ-GGA+U, the spin polarization values are 100% for Ir2HfAl, Ir2HfGa and 99.90% for Ir2HfBto be applicable for spintronics.

What will audience learn from your presentation?

  • Elaborate the industrial application of ferromagnetism
  • It will help the researchers and scientists  
  • Present the advantages of ferromagnetism
  • Avoid the disadvantages of ferromagnetism


Prof. Dr. Yarub Al-Douri is from American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. Al-Douri has initiated Nanotechnology Engineering MSc Program and Nano Computing Laboratory. He has received numerous accolades including World’s Top 2% Scientists by Stanford University, USA 2021 & 2020, OeAD Award, Austria 2020, JSPS Award 2019, AUA Award 2019, IFIA 2019, TWAS-UNESCO Associateship (Twice) Award 2015 & 2012, the total is 69 awards. Al-Douri is Associate Editor of Nano-Micro Letters (Q1), Editor-in-Chief of Experimental and Theoretical NANOTECHNOLOGY, Editor-in-Chief of World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering,