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Ravi Kikar Sinha, Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering Conference
Unaffiliated Indian Researcher, India
Title : Decentralisation of power through use of portable nuclear machines without excretion


According to einstein's mass enrgy velocity of light equation, energy released from annihilation of particle-antiparticle through their collision will depend on the mass of the particle. So by choosing an atomic particle and colliding it with it's antiparticle will release energy enough to be used in household appliances and illuminations. Portable nuclear machines could be installed in every home which do not excrete nuclear waste, do not emit heat and excessive sound, affecting decentralisation of power. There will not be any need of electric poles in the street or wiring from pole to pole, which will avoid accidents. Also it will do away with power substations and bring about economy in power sector.


The author is a member, American association for the advancement of science. He graduated from Brab University, Muzaffarpur in 1973.