HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Baltimore, Maryland, USA or Virtually from your home or work.
Michael Tribelsky, Speaker at Materials Science Conferences
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Federation
Title : Tailoring subwavelength scale electromagnetic field patterns with the help of nanoparticles


Resonant light scattering by nanoparticles provides a unique opportunity to concentrate a high-amplitude electromagnetic field in a subwavelength area of space as well as to tailor and control its pattern. In addition to purely academic interest, this is extremely important for numerous applications ranging from medicine and biology to telecommunication and data processing. Despite more than a hundred years of extensive study, the problem is still far from completion. A review of new results in this field is presented in this contribution. In many cases, despite the smallness of the scattering particles, their light scattering has very little in common with the conventional Rayleigh case. New, counterintuitive effects, especially those related to violating the quasi-static description of the scattering occurring at the action of (ultra)short laser pulses, are pointed out, inspected, discussed, and classified.

Audience Take Away Notes: 

  • The talk gives new insights into the old problem of light scattering by particles. The results may be used as grounds for developing new nanotechnologies and metamaterials
  • The discussed results are interesting both from an academic viewpoint and for practical applications
  • Though the discussed results are not directly related to technological processes, they open the door to new technologies


Prof. Tribelsky received his MS from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1973, a PhD from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1976, and a Dr. of Sci. (habilitation) from Landau Institute in 1985. He received numerous national and international awards: Leninsky Komsomol Prize (1979); COE Professorship, the University of Tokyo (2006, 2008) and Kyushu University (2007), Japan; Honorary PhD, Yamaguchi University, Japan (2016), etc. Presently, his interest lies in subwavelength optics. He is the author of several books, book chapters, review articles, and more than 100 research papers. See https://polly.phys.msu.ru/en/labs/Tribelsky/ for more details.