Alireza Fallahi Arezouda, Speaker at Materials Science Conferences
Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title : Effect of Manufacturing Process on Micro-structure Evolution, to Optimize Property for the Dual Phase; (HSLA) Steel & High Strength Alloy.


The effect of Control rolling process on microstructure evolution of Dual Phase Steel properties; Composition-Microstructure - Properties Relationships. In the present work, a micromechanical-based finite element (FE) analysis is carried out in order to investigate the mechanical properties of this type of steels, such as yield stress and tensile strength. The step forward contribution of the present study is to insert the effect of the presence of the interface of the constituting phases in the FE model. This model is then used to investigate the effect of martensite volume fraction and small-to-large particle size ratio of martensite on the deformation behavior of the DP steel. Experimental data is used to verify the created FE model. This study shows that considering the interface of the constituting phases greatly affects the numerical results on stress and strain distributions and produces more realistic findings in agreement with experiments. The results show that applying cohesive elements between two phases have reduced tensile strength, yield stress, and the amount of uniform elongation.

What will audience learn from your presentation
Thermo-mechanical processing of steel and the development of new alloys. 
The Effect of Manufacturing Process on the Microstructure evolution to optimize Property used for structure, Pipe Line & automotive industry. Investigation on Microstructure - Processing - Mechanical Properties Relationship of Dual phase steels by NDT. 
Effects of Metallurgy & Manufacturing Process Parameters on Microstructure and Properties of Materials; Investigation on Major Factors Affecting Forming Limit Diagrams of Automobile Sheets. Creep, Fatigue & Fracture of Materials; Fracture Initiation/Propagation Parameters for Duplex Ti-Al Grain Boundaries Based on Twinning, Slip, Crystal Orientation and Boundary Mis-orientation
Analytical and Experimental Investigation on The  plastic wrinkling during inward Tube Forming.