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Pedram, Speaker at Materials Conferences
Kaveh Forging Co, Iraq
Title : Die design for flashless forging of a clevis


In conventional hot forging of Clevis, which is a fitting for polymer insulator, the material wasted to flash accounts for 30–40% of workpiece. In order to reduce the cost of forged products, this waste material must be minimized. In this study, a flashless forging die is designed and simulated using the finite element method (FEM). A solution to avoid overloading the die is also presented. In addition, since in flashless forging, a thin flash is created in the gap between die and punch, a controlled flash forging method is proposed to solve this problem. The simulation results have been validated by experiments, achieving close agreement between simulated and experimental data. It was shown that numerical modelling is helpful in reducing cost and time in manufacturing process.