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Kamel Agroui, Speaker at Materials Science Conferences
Semiconductors Technology for Energetic Research Center, Algeria
Title : Encapsulation and analysis techniques of crystalline photovoltaic modules: Algerian experience


One of the main missions for the photovoltaic (PV) laboratory concerns the preparation and development of norms and standards in collaboration with Algerian Standardization Institute (IANOR) and International Electro-technical Committee (IEC). To reach this objective, we have initiated a program research to identify the present state of the art to develop specific measuring methods and test procedures for PV modules based on crystalline and thin films solar cells and also, to develop laboratory certification testing. Within this program we have executed since many years several PV characterizations on PV modules produced in industry and covering both series and prototype designs. Monitoring the PV module performances in remote area of Algerian desert climate is a very big challenge in the framework of Algerian renewable energy program between 2011 and 2030. It is expected by this program that about 40% of electricity produced for domestic consumption will be from renewable energy sources by year 2030. This paper summarizes test procedures and results of our experience in indoor and outdoor testing of PV modules. The tests were based on IEC 61215 procedures which had been prepared especially for this purpose and which are used as a basic quality control.
 Keywords: Encapsulation process; Crystalline PV modules; Testing techniques; Quality control.
Audience take away:

  • Testing PV module in specific climate in Algeria
  • Inter-laboratories scientific collaboration
  • Detection of different aging and degradation of PV modules in outdoor exposure
  • Testing various PV modules based on different solar cell semiconductor materials


Dr. K.Agroui is a researcher at Semiconductors Technology for Energetic Research Center (CRTSE) as a head research team, in field of application of nanotechnology in photovoltaic solar energy conversion. He has published two book chapters, over 20 papers in refereed journals and over 50 papers in conference proceedings and other publications. He was the chairman session of various national and international conferences in the field of reliability of photovoltaic modules. The speaker became a member of technical committee N° 82 at International Commission of Electro technique (IEC) for standards development. Through these committees, Dr. K.Agroui has prepared various national and international standards relating to photovoltaic conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. He has received in 2011, the national incentive price for renewable energy development in Algeria. The speaker is actually a member of ISO Mena Star Energy project (2015-2018).