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Rajesh Kumar, Speaker at Materials Science Conferences
CSIR Central Building Research Institute, India
Title : Mathematical modelling and ANOVA investigation of lightweight concrete incorporated with ultra-fine stone sludge


The presented study provides a modified mix design to create cellular foamed concrete (CFC) utilising low-grade dolomitic marble slurry (MS), a hazardous micro-fine in-situ stone sludge waste, in place of fine river sand (FRS) and tap water. The Box-Behnken design (BBD) of the response surface approach was used for optimization. The effects of three effective variable parameters, namely the temperature of the water to be added into the foaming agent solution (Tw), the flow value (FV), and the percentage replacement level of MS (per cent Rms), on the four responses, namely the oven-dry density (ODD), the compressive strength at 28 days (fc.28d), the strength performance factor at 28 days (PFc.28d), and the thermal conductivity (k-value), were statistically analysed. To create the blend with the desired hardness and functional qualities, ANOVA and multi-objective optimization were used. The range of the ODD, fc.28d, and k-values for CFC were 985 kg/m3 to 1268 kg/m3, 3.89 MPa to 4.94 MPa, and 0.34 to 0.44 W/m.K, respectively. To study how MS interacts with the CFC microstructure and cement paste matrix, advanced characterisation techniques, including field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM) and 3D morphological analysis, were also used. The ODD, compressive strength (CS), and k-value of the final optimized mix were 1046 kg/m3, 4.19 MPa, and 0.372 W/mK, respectively when mixed with about 60.0 wt per cent MS.
Keywords: Stone wastes utilization, Lightweight concretes, Thermal Performance, Statistical modelling, Multi-attribute optimization


Currently, he is working as a Senior Scientist and Head (Organic Building Materials Group) at CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee- India. His areas of interest are Statistical modelling, ANOVA, Multi-attribute optimization technique, Cement/Clinker Synthesis, Stone wastes utilization, Lightweight concretes, Low carbon Cement, Low Energy/CSAB cement, Stabilized mud composite, Portland limestone cement etc. He is an active member of ICI, RILEM, IEI, ASCE, ACI etc. He has published more than 25 technical research papers in SCI/ Scopus indexed and reputed international conferences. He has been worked in the R&D projects on ‘waste utilization’ and majorly contributed for technology transfer on Low-grade limestone waste. India's first start-up plant for Low-grade limestone waste management; recognized by Central and State government (under Start-up Policy- 2017, Waste to Wealth) was inaugurated in 2018. It can use up to 100 Ton Low-grade limestone waste per day. He is also an active reviewer of various SCI indexed journals. Prime importance is to do societal problem-based R&D; so that common people should get benefited.