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Abdelhak Aouadi, Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering Conference
University of Bouira, Algeria
Title : Fiber reinforced polymer as an external reinforcement for reinforced concrete beams - An experimental investigation


A research investigation was conducted utilizing an experimental program to analyze the behavior of RC beams by incorporating fiber reinforced  polymers. The primary focus of the study revolved around two categories of beams: control beams and beams reinforced by fiber reinforced polymers to enhance their flexural strength. Various design options were explored, such as carbon; jute and glass fabric reinforced polymer composites. The beams were subjected to a three-point loading test until they reached  the point of failure. The structural performance of the six beam specimens will be evaluated based on enhancement in flexural failure loads. The experimental findings demonstrate that the beams that have been reinforced with hybrid FRP exhibit significant strength  improvement, such increase in the ultimate load ration ranged  between 9% and 77%. The Fiber reinforced polymer composites exhibit significant potential for enhancing the mechanical properties of these beams, owing to their corrosion-resistant characteristics and impressive specific strength. This makes composites a logical selection for critical applications where corrosion is a prominent factor to consider. 


Abdelhak Aouadi from University of Bouira, Department of civil engineering, Bouira, Research Unit: Materials, Processes and Environment, Algeria.