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Mohamed Jaouad Malzi, Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering Conference
Cad Ayyad University, Morocco
Title : Household natural gas demand: Empirical evidence of non-linearity


This study attempted to check the existence of nonlinear relationship between gas demand and its main determinants. To this end, the study applies nonparametric and semi-parametric panel data model on a large panel of OECD countries over the period 1980-2015. The analysis demonstrates the existence of a non-linear relationship between gas demand and its main determinants. The inverted-U hypothesis is totally confirmed in the case of density and urbanization. This study also finds that the impact of the environmental policy stringency on natural gas use is very strong in the long term. Finally, a positive relationship exists between elderly population and the use of gas as the curve is revealing a positive trend. Based on the empirical evidence this analysis emphasizes on the proper implementation of the undertaken environmental and demographic policies towards the sustainable development agendas.


Jaouad holds a Master degree in energy economics from Paris Dauphine University (France) and PhD in applied economics from Mohamed V University (Morocco). Jaouad is a young research and assistant professor in economics at University Cadi Ayyad-Morocco. His research interests include modeling energy markets, environmental and climate change analysis, energy policy in Africa and economic development of Africa.

He has published in journals such as Resources Policy, Materials Science Forum and International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy. He has also contributed to monographs like Natural gas: new perspectives and future development. Jaouad is also scientific reviewer for international journals.