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Yang Hongtao, Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering Conference
Huaqiao University, China
Title : How Innovation consortia promote Iterative Innovation in new energy vehicle enterprises? --An empirical study based on knowledge management perspective


Iterative innovation based on changes in user needs is a key factor in the success or failure of new energy vehicle enterprises. As a new type of innovation cooperation organization with extensive participation of innovation subjects, innovation consortium can provide assistance for iterative innovation of new energy automobile enterprises. Based on the knowledge management perspective, the impact of innovation consortia on the iterative innovation of enterprises is empirically investigated by using 73 A-share new energy automobile enterprises with vehicle manufacturing capacity from 2015 to 2023 as samples. The study finds that, first, innovation consortia significantly promote iterative innovation in new energy automobile enterprises, and the promotion effect is "cumulative". Second, innovation consortia can promote iterative innovation through the mediation of knowledge breadth, but the mediation effect of knowledge depth does not hold due to the reasons of knowledge hiding and insufficient integration among members. Third, innovation consortia can form a synergy with the pilot "double points" policy, which promotes the iterative innovation of the pilot enterprises; innovation consortia can help the government's "subsidy regression" plan, which promotes the iterative innovation of enterprises with lower government subsidies. Fourth, the absorptive capacity and customer heterogeneity of enterprises can significantly enhance the promotion effect of innovation consortia on iterative innovation. Based on the conclusions of the study, corresponding policy recommendations are proposed.