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Jifen Wang, Speaker at Materials Science Conferences
Shanghai Polytechnic University, China
Title : Preparation and application of organic phase change materials


Energy is the basis of human survival and development, with the rapid development of global industry, energy issues are more and more concerned by people. However, in many energy utilization systems, there is a difference in time and space between energy supply and demand, that is, there is a mismatch between energy supply and energy consumption, resulting in irrational energy use and a lot of waste. The paper compares the advantages and disadvantages of different phase change energy storage materials and how to select suitable phase change materials according to different application scenarios. This paper introduces phase-change energy storage materials based on the experience of the research group on thermal properties and practical applications of phase-change materials for many years [1]. It mainly includes the effect of the type and amount of nanoparticles on the heat storage and heat transfer properties of PCM. And microencapsulated phase change materials have excellent thermal management performance in practical applications such as energy-saving buildings, photothermal conversion, refrigeration systems, storage water heaters, electronic components and smart textiles[2]. It is expected that phase change energy storage materials will have huge application prospects and market demand in the future, and will help energy conservation and emission reduction cause flourish.


Prof. Jifen Wang is a professor at Shanghai Polytechnic University and leader of School of resources and environmental engineering. Her academic position is Associate editor of Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer, Guest editor of Frontiers in Energy, Associate director of Expert Committee of China Energy Society, director of New Energy Association of Pudong New Area, Executive director of Shanghai Western Returned Scholars Association. She has presided over and participated in more than 20 projects funded by the government and related enterprises, such as 863 program, 973 sub-projects, major projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and basic research projects of Shanghai. He has published more than 100 academic papers in internationally renowned journals, invited to participate in international academic conferences and make PL and keynote speeches. SHe won the first prize of micro-class teaching Competition, the second prize of Pudong Excellent Paper, the second prize of Shanghai Natural Science and other awards. She is a reviewer for several international journals.