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Vladimir, Speaker at Materials congress
Fonoriton Sci. Lab, Garon LtD, Estonia
Title : Prospects of isotopic materials science


Materials are important to mankind because of the benefits that can be derived from manipulation of their properties. All of these properties originate from the internal structures of the materials. Structural features of materials include their types of atoms, the local configuration of the atoms, and the arrangements of these configurations into microstructures. Successful studies of the last five decades of the isotope effect in solids [1] have made it possible to create a new branch of classical materials science and nanotechnology - isotopic materials science. Here, the new degree of freedom is the isotopic composition of the mass of the particles forming the material. The latter causes a global change in the properties of the material.

Mainly the results of isotope - substituted substances based on electron and phonon states of lithium hydride and carbon allotropes are used. LiH has the largest isotope shift. Carbon, being the second element aster silicon on Earth, has unusually wide range of allotropic compounds (diamond, graphite, graphene) with different physical properties. My intention has been to present report on isotopic materials science that starts with the physics of isotope low - dimensional materials [2] and quantum heterostructures would build up to the treatment of those new electronic, transport, and optical properties which arise as a consequence of both energy quantization of electrons and phonons in potential wells and the reduced dimensionality of isotopic nanostructure.


Professor V.G. Plekhanov has graduated from Tartu State University (Estonia). He obtained Ph. D.(physics and mathematics) 1972 as well as Doctor of Science (physics and mathematics) 1982 – both degrees from Tartu State University. The list of my publication contains more than 200 articles in peer – reviewed journals and more than 25 fundamental reviews in leading journals in English and Russian.
I will add that I have written more than ten monographs in different field of physics and quantum informatics. Main interest field: isotopic materials science including the origin of the mass and natuure of the residual strong nuclear interactionas well as quantum information.