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Biomaterials and Healthcare

Biomaterials have been employed in healthcare applications since the dawn of humanity. However, as they have evolved, they have become more versatile and useful. Biomaterials have transformed fields such as bioengineering and tissue engineering, allowing for the development of new approaches to combating life-threatening diseases. Stem cell technology, like biomaterials, is being used to improve existing healthcare facilities. Current healthcare and diagnostics have a number of limitations, such as cost, accuracy, and the lack of a treatment approach for some disorders (e.g., cancer). As a result, there is a strong desire to upgrade current healthcare facilities. Existing methods are being improved, and new approaches are being developed through research. Bioengineering is one of the most promising options for improving the current healthcare situation. For the repair of injured tissue, it employs biomaterials and tissue engineering ideas.

Committee Members
Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2023 - Astuty Amrin

Astuty Amrin

Universiti Teknologi, Malaysia
Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2023 - Chintakindi Sanjay

Chintakindi Sanjay

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2023 - Zakaria Boumerzoug

Zakaria Boumerzoug

University of Biskra, Algeria
Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2023 - Osman Adiguzel

Osman Adiguzel

Firat University, Turkey

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