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Metal selection, Construction and commissioning - Case studies of optimised operations

Material selection is an important phase in the design of any physical thing. The basic purpose of material selection in the context of product design is to minimise cost while satisfying product performance requirements. The qualities and costs of candidate materials are the starting point for systematic selection of the best material for a given application. The use of a material index or performance index that is relevant to the desired material qualities can often help with material selection. Engineers can use materials selection to methodically and quickly eliminate inappropriate materials and discover the one or a limited number of materials that are most suited.

When constructing a new building or renovating an existing one, duties and activities linked to 'commissioning' must be completed. The quality, technical, and operational objectives of a building's systems are evaluated during commissioning to ensure that they are designed, built, operated, and recorded in accordance with the owner's project requirements, as well as local codes, regulations, and standards.

Committee Members
Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2023 - Astuty Amrin

Astuty Amrin

Universiti Teknologi, Malaysia
Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2023 - Chintakindi Sanjay

Chintakindi Sanjay

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2023 - Zakaria Boumerzoug

Zakaria Boumerzoug

University of Biskra, Algeria
Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2023 - Osman Adiguzel

Osman Adiguzel

Firat University, Turkey

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