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Novel Hybrid Carbon Materials

Carbon-based materials have a variety of qualities and are employed in a variety of applications today, including industrial, metallurgy, medicine, optics, and environmental protection. However, the constant development of industries necessitates the creation of increasingly advanced materials with novel properties for future applications. The technique for producing these hybrid materials is to use multiple growth mechanisms to combine the constituent species. In the realm of electrochemistry, carbon-based hybrid nanostructures have a number of unique and favourable features above traditional materials. Similarly, the materials are clearly complicated, and our understanding of their structure–property correlations is still in its infancy. This is even more apparent when one considers that similar knowledge about the individual building blocks (single allotropes of carbon) of these materials is often lacking, despite the fact that the latter have been studied for much longer.

Committee Members
Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2022 - Ephraim Suhir

Ephraim Suhir

Portland State University, United States
Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2022 - Hari Mohan Srivastava

Hari Mohan Srivastava

University of Victoria, Canada
Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2022 - Bala Vaidhyanathan

Bala Vaidhyanathan

Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2022 - Kamran Nikbin

Kamran Nikbin

Imperial College, United Kingdom

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